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Introducing digitalTRAFFIC

2007-11-20 08:57:16 by digitalTRAFFIC

digitalTRAFFIC create heavy electronic music soundscapes with a futuristic sci-fi industrial sound. The instrumentation is entirely electronic and the albums feature a mix of dark ambient aggressive tracks to lighter more classical influenced tracks.

digitalTRAFFIC albums range in styles, but feel very cohesive overall. The albums don't fall easily into any preconceived category, but should appeal to fans of heavy electronic / electronica, ambient / space music, orchestral electronica and experimental industrial soundscapes.

digitalTRAFFICs sound takes the listener on a journey through heavy electronic inspired soundtracks to dark ambient soundscapes. There is a distinct live feel to the albums - clouds of sounds over heavy rhythms - unusual in construction and production but with a natural flow. Classic digitalTRAFFIC sound throughout creating a sound palate of discordant layers and rhythms with a sci-fi edge. Perfect for all MP3 players.
Check out the latest albums egg, foetus, s pa cing theatre and id.

Thanks for taking the time to explore the digitalTRAFFIC sound - enjoy the tracks
all the very best

Introducing digitalTRAFFIC


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